Today we recognised 3 Boroondara citizens for their exceptional contributions to the community in our annual Boroondara Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year awards. 

Congratulations to Greg Buchanan who was announced as Citizen of the Year and to Rhea Werner and Belinda Battey who were jointly recognised as Young Citizens of the Year.

Greg Buchanan

As the President of the Surrey Hills Progress Association, Greg (pictured top left) says his background in town planning has contributed to protecting the built heritage of the community. 

Greg played a pivotal role in establishing the Association and the Anzac Day Dawn Service event in Surrey Gardens, and he continues to tirelessly advocate for the community voice for the future of Boroondara, recently with the Level Crossing Removal Project. 

Greg’s ability to collaborate and engage with the community is deeply respected. For those who have had the pleasure to work with him, all relay stories of a selfless individual working hard for the best possible outcomes for Boroondara. 

Rhea Werner

At just 15 years of age, Rhea (pictured second from left) has founded a national non-profit collective, is a member of the Boroondara Youth Council and is contributing to driving research-backed legislative change with Harvard University in the United States. 

Motivated to give a voice to those who suffer from the often stigmatised issue of eating disorders, Rhea is an inspirational role model in her work to create awareness and enact tangible changes to help young people. Her work is testimony to a true leader with the ability to engage, inspire and educate. 

Belinda Battey

Belinda’s dedication to others is no better exemplified than in her role as the volunteer live-in manager of Servants Community Housing, an organisation that supports women experiencing long-term mental health issues and survivors of domestic violence. 

Belinda (pictured third from left) has an extraordinary focus and passion to support young people and those in desperate need. On top of leading youth camps and working as a carer, Belinda manages a full-time study load. 

Special commendation 

We’d also like to recognise Servants Community Housing CEO Amanda Donohoe (pictured top right) for her years of dedication to creating safe, loving communities by providing support to the hundreds of Boroondara citizens experiencing homelessness.

More information 

Our Citizen of the Year awards honour members of the Boroondara community who show exceptional leadership or commitment towards improving the lives of others.

For more information about the awards, see our citizens awards page.