Boroondara Mayoral Blog

  1. 01

    Proposed Council Budget 2019-20

    The 2019-20 Budget has been prepared in response to Council’s commitment to providing what you told us is important to you.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  2. 02

    We’re improving the way we take care of our shopping centres

    The City of Boroondara has implemented a new ‘Service Crew’, improving the way it takes care of local shopping centres on the spot.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  3. 03

    Lunar New Year

    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Year of the Pig.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  4. 04

    Outstanding citizens celebrated

    This morning I was proud to honour some of our most outstanding citizens at the Boroondara Citizen of the Year Awards.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  5. 05

    The Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study

    We are proactively classifying and protecting individual heritage properties and precincts through the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study.

    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  6. 06

    International Volunteer Day

    Join us to acknowledge our City's incredible volunteers on Wednesday 5 December and learn the winner of the 2019 Boroondara Volunteer of the Year Award.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  7. 07

    The Victorian Government wants to wreck the amenity of your residential street

    We're extremely disappointed by the recent decision to introduce new planning regulations for residential aged care facilities.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  8. 08

    Boroondara Seniors Festival this October

    Enjoy a series of events from Thursday 4 to Friday 26 October 2018 to celebrate.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  9. 09

    Nominations for our citizen and volunteer awards are now open

    Our Citizen and Volunteer awards offer an opportunity to salute the efforts of many humble and often unsung heroes who make this City great.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog
  10. 10

    Creating an age-friendly Boroondara

    Council’s work in creating an age-friendly city was recently recognised at the Australian Government’s Better Practice Awards.
    Boroondara Mayoral Blog