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    Nominations for our citizen and volunteer awards are now open

    Our Citizen and Volunteer awards offer an opportunity to salute the efforts of many humble and often unsung heroes who make this City great.
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    Creating an age-friendly Boroondara

    Council’s work in creating an age-friendly city was recently recognised at the Australian Government’s Better Practice Awards.
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  3. 03

    The 2018-19 Budget is delivering on the Community Plan

    The Budget 2018-19 is delivering on the priorities of the Boroondara Community Plan.
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  4. 04

    The Revised Council Plan 2017-21 and Budget 2018-19 has been approved

    On Monday 25 June, Council approved the Revised Council Plan 2017-21 and the Budget 2018-19.
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  5. 05

    Proposed Council Plan 2017-21 and Budget 2018-19: Bringing the community plan to life

    On Monday 23 April we presented the revised Council Plan for 2017-21, our strategic four-year blueprint for how we will work towards achieving our community vision.
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  6. 06

    Remembering the fallen on Anzac Day

    25 April is a day to remember extraordinary actions taken by ordinary Australians to secure the safety and freedom we have come to enjoy in this country.
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  7. 07

    Our commitment to creating an inclusive community

    As part of our commitment to an inclusive community we support accessible spaces and activities in Boroondara.
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  8. 08

    Digital transformation delivering for the future

    In an increasingly digital world, Councillors made a unanimous decision to invest in a comprehensive digital transformation to meet our community’s expectations.
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  9. 09

    Launching the Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27

    The Boroondara Community Plan is our 10-year vision for the future of Boroondara and we are now proud to be launching it to the community on Sunday 4 March. 
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  10. 10

    Celebrating the Lunar New Year and launch of the Boroondara Community Plan

    We look forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year and launch of the Boroondara Community Plan at the Boroondara Village Festival on Sunday 4 March.
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