It is a privilege to be unanimously elected as the 11th Mayor of Boroondara and I am honoured to serve you in this role.

We have a great City with a proud and engaged community who rate safety highly. Our sense of safety has been affected in recent times with the hoon driving and tack throwing in the Kew Boulevard, increased motor vehicle theft and the constant appearance of graffiti.

It’s terrific to hear from Boroondara’s Inspector Steve Noy that local police and a rejuvenated Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch are rallying the community to promote the great partnership that can help keep our City safe.

As the Christmas and New Year break unfold let’s keep each other in mind. People are preparing for their annual street parties, making arrangements to check mail and look after pets for those going away and checking-in on our elderly neighbours. It does make a difference.

This Council wants your voice in the 10-year community plan. This will guide our services, facilities and future budgets for 2017-27.

Over the coming months there will be many opportunities for you to tell Council what is important to you, your family and your neighbourhood. In March we will present our findings back to you and ask those interested to rank priorities.

With best wishes,
Councillor Phillip Healey
Mayor of Boroondara

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