Over Easter (Friday 19 to Monday 22 April) and on Anzac Day (Thursday 25 April), some of our services and centres may be closed or have different hours. Please see details of all affected services.

On Monday 23 April we presented the revised Council Plan for 2017-21, our strategic four-year blueprint for how we will work towards achieving our community vision.

The plan has been revised to align with community priorities identified in the Boroondara Community Plan, which was developed after extensive consultation with our community and yielded 11,845 responses.

The revised Council Plan 2017-21 and proposed Budget 2018-19 is the first budget to deliver the Boroondara Community Plan and will ensure Council delivers those facilities and services identified through the extensive consultation undertaken.

Highlights include:

  • starting work to develop a new aquatic and recreation centre in Kew 
  • upgrading playgrounds to provide safe, high-quality opportunities for children and families
  • starting improvement works in smaller local shopping centres
  • creating a new community hub in Canterbury with consolidated services for children and families as well as including services for people with disabilities
  • completing the redevelopment of the Balwyn Community Centre, which will include a recreation zone for all ages
  • creating an online platform for older adults to provide local health and wellbeing information suited to their needs.

Throughout the consultation, you told us that environmental sustainability is important to you. Council will investigate the introduction of a food organics collection service which could divert up to 19,000 tonnes of waste from landfill, maximise recycling and achieve sustainable environmental outcomes.

Our continued investment in digital transformation – which responded to extensive community and business consultation undertaken in 2015 –  as well as technology upgrades and asset renewal are integral to our ability to meet the expectations of our community now and into the future. 

Our new website, launched in May 2017, delivers a considerable improvement in our online presence and provides increased efficiency and capability. 

In the first three months of this year, many of the 199,876 Boroondara website users – who had 362,344 sessions and downloaded 3896 files – likely saved considerable time, effort and postage costs by interacting with us online. 

Our focus on digital transformation helps ensure you can interact with Council’s 150 services in a more seamless and less costly way on a device of your choosing and at a time that suits you. 

With this proposed budget, Boroondara will continue to be in a strong financial position. It will enable us to deliver what you told us is important to you in the Boroondara Community Plan and meet our shared vision of a vibrant and inclusive city, meeting the needs and aspirations of its community. 

Have your say about the revised Council Plan 2017-21 and proposed Budget 2018-19.

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