This Sunday marks Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect time to say thanks for all they do for us.

The role of a parent contains an endless list of selfless acts, which starts from our birth and continues, if we are fortunate enough, until we are old. I am often awed at all that mothers achieve in this stressful modern day along with loving and raising children—working, volunteering, studying and caring for partners, family, friends and our community.

Being a mother can be further reaching than we think—I know of aunties, step-mothers, grandmothers, carers and women who are mother-figures who have very special places in the lives of children and adults who will be celebrated this Mother’s Day. As will mothers who have passed away; it is a good time to remember what they meant to us.

Whether you’re planning on taking your mum out for lunch, bringing her breakfast in bed or just giving her a quick call or visit to say you’re thinking of her, I hope your mother has a lovely day on Sunday. 

And I hope that mothers reading this know how special you are to us every day of the year, not only on Mother’s Day.

Cr Phillip Healey


Boroondara Mayoral Blog