We live in a great City and I am very proud to have served as a councillor for this term of Council and as Mayor for this year.

It is very difficult to gauge how effective we have been as a Council in achieving our overall vision for this term of ‘a vibrant and inclusive community with an outstanding quality of life’.

But one indicator is the level of community satisfaction with our performance. The state government conducts a survey each year which asks a representative sample of community members to rate their satisfaction with a range of Council services.

I am pleased to share our 2016 results with our community and anyone with an interest in Boroondara, through the publication of the full report on our website.

The most pleasing aspect of the 2016 results is that the Boroondara community has rated Council’s overall performance at 72 out of 100 which is six points above the average for our metropolitan peers.

Community safety has been a key issue for me throughout my public life. With next month being community safety month it is timely to ask you to consider what you can do to help.

So I ask you to keep an eye out for community safety initiatives being presented during that month and read the October Boroondara Bulletin to see what we are doing locally.

One issue of local concern is the high level of vehicle theft in Boroondara. This is a key focus of the Boroondara Police. It was great to use our Communications team to produce a series of crime prevention videos in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, containing handy hints for residents to address this problem.

It’s well worth viewing www.facebook.com/eyewatchboroondara/. If you’re on Facebook please share the videos to help make a difference.

Thank you for your contribution and respect for the work that we do.

With best wishes,

Councillor Jim Parke
Mayor of Boroondara

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