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I am pleased to announce a significant step - real action - on our journey to achieving reconciliation here in Boroondara. That step is the development of the draft Boroondara Reconciliation Strategy.

Community consultation to inform the strategy is open this month, to explore why reconciliation is important to you and how it might be progressed locally.

Through our community consultation, we will:

  • ensure the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities voices are heard and respected and the issues and priorities important to them are understood, acknowledged and considered 
  • facilitate authentic relationship building and strengthening between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities sector and the City of Boroondara  
  • understand the broad community vision for reconciliation in Boroondara, and 
  • understand how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Council and the broader community can work together to progress and celebrate reconciliation in Boroondara. 

I’d like to thank the key stakeholders from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities working in collaboration with us to develop the strategy: 

  • Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation
  • First Peoples - State Relations
  • Boroondara Reconciliation Network 
  • Rev Glenn Loughrey – a proud Wiradjuri person and local Boroondara resident
  • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. 

The draft Boroondara Reconciliation Strategy is expected to be released for public comment in late 2021 and will express the community's vision for reconciliation. It will outline a clear roadmap for implementing reconciliation initiatives in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader community.

We, as Council, are committed to recognising and celebrating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture on an ongoing basis, and to working with key stakeholders and the community to achieve this.

I invite you all to share your thoughts and join us on this journey towards achieving reconciliation locally.

Have your say on Engage Boroondara before 26 July 2021. 


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