We take great pride in the planning that has gone into the 2013-17 Council Plan, which sets out our vision and priorities for the City. Our 2016-17 Annual Plan is now published and sets out what we will deliver on in the coming year and how we will measure our performance.

In this final year of Council’s four-year term, the focus continues to be on maintaining quality services, debt reduction, ensuring rate increases are kept at record low levels and continued investment in upgrading community facilities in Boroondara.

We share the community’s expectation that we manage our financial resources prudently and that we get value for the money we spend. To do this, we are looking at our operations and processes to make sure they meet expectations in an efficient and cost-effective way.

We are transforming the way we work to be part of an increasingly digital world and to keep up with changing community expectations. We are investing significant sums of money in this transformation program and we need your help to make sure that it is meeting real needs.

There will be many opportunities for you to test our online services and information this year, and we ask that you work with us to make our digital presence the best it can be.

We continue our investment in the infrastructure of the City and maintain our commitment to building a better City now and for the future.

All of our Annual Reports are publicly available on our website and we encourage you to view them here.

With best wishes,

Councillor Jim Parke
Mayor of Boroondara

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