How heritage is your house?

A heritage house in Boroondara

We know it’s important to you that Council helps to protect our heritage places, for current and future generations to appreciate.

That’s why we undertook a 6-year project to find – and fill – gaps in heritage protection. We looked for properties and precincts of heritage value that were not covered by our Heritage Overlay – part of Boroondara’s Planning Scheme.

The houses we found have aesthetic, historical, architectural or social significance to Boroondara (one even featured in a 1970s-’80s TV show).

As shared in the July–August Boroondara Bulletin, this was a significant project with results you can be proud of. We’ve increased Heritage Overlay coverage by around 50%, taking the number of properties covered to approximately 15,000.

But what else can Council do to plan for housing in the future, for challenges or opportunities that could arise? That’s the question we’re turning our attention to now.

We’re looking at how we can be proactive to meet housing needs. We also need to consider climate change and include better sustainability measures. If we’re strategic about housing plans now, we can meet future challenges while still protecting what locals love about our City.

How heritage is my house?

Look up the heritage grading of your home today with our new online map.

Was your house owned by a prominent historical figure? Is it colonial revival in style, an interwar Californian bungalow, or something else? Is it part of a larger precinct? Find out by reading the Heritage Citation and Statement of Significance.

How? We’ve created an interactive virtual map to help you access our heritage work, bringing information together in a fun and easy-to-use format. You can find it on our Find Heritage Overlays and gradings page

We’re continuing to improve our technology as part of Transforming Boroondara, so we can share more valuable data, deliver a better service and improve your experience.