Winter safety warning

Brrrrr, we’re well into winter now and our heaters have been getting a good workout over the past couple of months.

To help keep you, your loved ones and four-legged friends safe, make sure your gas heaters and appliances are regularly serviced.

Gas heaters, decorative gas log fires and other gas appliances should be checked by a licensed or registered gas fitter or service agent at least every 2 years to avoid the risk of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, but a faulty appliance or heater can leak this poisonous gas into your home with the potential to make you and your family and pets seriously unwell. In severe cases, carbon-monoxide poisoning can result in seizures, loss of consciousness or even death.

If you didn’t test your heaters last winter, book a licensed and registered gas fitter now.

You can also check in with neighbours and relatives who are vulnerable or live alone to ensure they are getting their heaters regularly serviced and staying safe and warm too.

For more information, visit the Energy Safe Victoria website-external site.