New map pinpoints our significant trees

We love our leafy streetscapes and the many trees we’re fortunate to share across our beautiful parks and gardens.

Did you know in Boroondara more than 1,000 trees have earned special protection as significant trees on both public and private land?

Significant trees are recognised for their impressive size, age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance.

To get to know these outstanding trees in your neighbourhood, a great place to start is using the new interactive map on the Protected and significant tree page on our website.

Here you’ll find each registered tree’s name, details, estimated age and what makes it remarkable for extra protection under our local laws.

Another helpful feature is the ‘Tree Protection Zone’ calculated for each tree – the map shows the extra area that’s protected to preserve the tree’s roots and ensure it remains healthy.

Remember, you may need a permit to remove, prune or do works near a canopy or significant tree.

A person in puffer jacket with orange keep cup sitting on a park bench reading a book with a large tree filling the background

Nominate a significant tree

If you think a tree in your area might qualify, you can check the criteria and nominate it on our Nominate a tree for recognition or protection page. Our searchable map will show you if it’s already protected, and you might just discover some other extraordinary trees near you.