A milestone for heritage protection

After 6 years of scouring the suburbs, street-by-street, for places of historical and aesthetic significance, Boroondara’s Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study has just been completed.

Council is committed to protecting our valued heritage assets. That’s why in 2016 we set out to find places of heritage value that had been missed by previous heritage studies or not assessed in detail.

Since starting the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study, we’ve added more than 5,000 properties to the Heritage Overlay – part of Boroondara’s Planning Scheme – to protect them from demolition or inappropriate development.

Places protected include individually significant heritage properties, precincts, and extensions to existing heritage precincts. This is an increase of 50% and puts the City of Boroondara in the top 3 councils in Victoria for heritage protection.

With Glen Iris the final suburb study to be adopted, this project is now complete. However, Council’s efforts to protect local heritage continue. We are reviewing our heritage work program to set new priorities that will improve the community’s understanding and appreciation of heritage in Boroondara.

A heritage red-brick building with while accents on the windows and roofing

What comes next?

While Council will continue to protect heritage places in our City, we have an important role to play in planning for the future of Boroondara.

For this, we need to be proactive so we can meet housing needs and plan the future of our activity centres. We also need to ensure sustainability measures are in place, to combat and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Careful planning in these areas will allow us to meet challenges while also preserving what the community values most about our City.

Find out more

Our Heritage Overlay is only part of the story for heritage protection. Did you know we have several historical societies in the City of Boroondara with a wealth of local information? Visit our Local history page on our website to find out more. You can also look up your heritage grading, and learn how to research the history of your house.

To learn more about the types and levels of heritage protection, visit the National Trust website-external site.

Find out more about the Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study on our Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study page.