Freeway Golf Course on track for reopening

Redevelopment of Freeway Golf Course is progressing well, with plans to reopen the new course in late-2022.

It is being reconfigured due to the impacts of the North East Link, with up to 4 hectares of land acquired to build entry and exit ramps at Bulleen Road in Balwyn North.

The new course has been designed by leading golf-course architects Pacific Coast Design, incorporating feedback from our golfing community and residents.

Some notable highlights of construction completed to date include laying and growing in 1 hectare of turf, and we will soon install new pathways made from more than 6 tonnes of recycled tyres.

Construction of new timber-faced sand bunkers (pictured) is almost complete as well – marking the first time bunkers of this style have been built in Australia.

Known for their practical value and visual appeal, they reduce maintenance costs required when the sand ‘face’ of a bunker is washed out by rain, and provide a better experience for golfers, as balls bounce down to the base instead of lodging in the sand face.

For more information about the project, visit our Freeway Golf Course redevelopment page.