Council’s 2022-23 budget adopted

Work to deliver the City of Boroondara’s 2022-23 budget is now underway, following adoption at the council meeting on Monday 27 June 2022.

“The 2022-23 budget is underpinned by commitments outlined in the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31 and responds to the diverse needs of our community,” says Mayor of Boroondara Cr Jane Addis. “We will continue to invest in services and facilities that are important to our community such as environment and climate change initiatives, healthcare, family and youth services, libraries, parks, recreation, roads and more.”

The 2022-23 budget encapsulates Council’s long-term commitments and demonstrates how we will progress our community’s vision for a more sustainable and inclusive community.

Major infrastructure projects in 2022-23 include:

  • Kew Recreation Centre redevelopment ($73.1 million over 4 years) due for completion 2022-23
  • Tuck Stand refurbishment ($17.2 million over 4 years) due for completion 2024-25
  • Kew Library Redevelopment ($17 million over 4 years) due for completion 2025-26.
A person sitting on an outdoor bench with the backdrop of a hertiage style multilevel sports seating area overlooking an oval

“The environment is a key priority for our community,” says Cr Addis. “With $4.26 million allocated to support ongoing implementation of climate-focused actions, we remain committed to improving Boroondara’s environmental sustainability and delivering a healthier, more sustainable future for our city.”

These environmental initiatives include:

  • $2 million to implement our Sustainable Council Building Policy
  • $1 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • $675,000 to renew trees in parks and streets
  • $279,100 to improve urban biodiversity through initiatives such as the backyard biodiversity project and wildlife-not-weeds program.

Increasing accessibility of our sporting pavilions is a priority with upgrades to three key facilities: Greythorn Park ($1.3 million), Lewin Reserve ($2.2 million) and Willsmere Park ($1.3 million).

Cr Jane Addis says the 2022-23 budget provides a sensible path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. “The challenges brought on by COVID-19 were far reaching and touched all Boroondara residents, businesses, and community groups. Despite challenging financial circumstances, we have a clear path to recovery and are proud to deliver a budget that returns a surplus and is sustainable,” she said.

Approximately $66.4 million will be invested in a broad range of community services and facilities such as:

  • $20.4 million for parks and gardens, biodiversity and maintaining street trees
  • $9.2 million on health and wellbeing services including immunisation, youth and recreation services
  • $9.8 million to provide library services 7 days a week
  • $3.5 million on arts and cultural services and events

More than $30 million will be used to improve drains, footpaths, cycling paths and roads, including:

  • $12.6 million for roadworks
  • $12.5 million for 13 other projects including renewing community buildings
  • $2.1 million to renew footpaths and cycleways

The 2022-23 budget is a concrete expression of the organisation’s 10-year vision known as the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31.

In line with the Victorian Government’s rate cap, the budget includes a 1.75% rate increase to the total rates.

For more information, visit our Council Budget page.