Police raise alarm on scammers

Phone and online scammers are stealing money and personal information from local residents, police say.

Inspector Craig Pearson, Boroondara Local Area Commander, said scammers often work in teams and claim to be from legitimate businesses, banks and utilities. Some use forged documents and create a sense of fear.

“They may ask you for remote access to your computer to help them ‘Catch the hacker’,” he said. “They are the hackers. Do not provide remote access to your computer. Just like a burglar, if you didn’t invite them into your home, don’t let them in.”

Inspector Pearson said that in a recent incident, a 95-year-old Hawthorn woman told a scammer she didn’t have a computer and didn’t drive, so the scammer had a taxi pick her up and drive her to a bank. “She was told to keep it secret from her family and that transferring her money was the only way to keep it safe.”

If you suspect a scammer has contacted you, talk to your family, call local police, and keep up to date with the latest scams at Scam Watch.

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