Dogs in parks: tips for owners

We all have a role to play in ensuring our parks and shared areas are a welcoming and safe space for everyone.

Our community members love their dogs – and with new dog registrations in Boroondara soaring in the past 12 months there are new furry friends in
most neighbourhoods.

Being a responsible dog owner means more than just giving your pet what it needs, it’s also about how you manage your dog around other people and animals, including in off-leash parks.

Here are some easy tips for dog owners:

  • Carry dog waste bags with you and pick up after your dog.
  • Ensure you and your dog vacate any ovals when sports teams are practising or playing a match to ensure the safety of both the players and your pet.
  • Keep an eye on your dog – your pet should not worry or threaten any person or animal, and must respond to voice commands or hand controls when off-leash to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Remember to check Council signs to ensure you are aware of the specific park rules.

We thank all the responsible dog owners in our community who are helping to keep our parks enjoyable places for everyone to visit.

If you are looking for off-leash dog parks in your area, visit our Off-leash dog parks page or call  9278 4444.

A French Bulldog puppy stands in a park and pants