Trim and tidy this spring

A person pruning a tree

Sharpen your secateurs and tease out your twine – it’s time for a spring trim ahead of Council’s free October bundled green waste collection.

Wet weather and spring sunshine have generated bountiful growth in our gardens. Our sustainable service will send your excess green waste off for composting, together with food organic and garden organic waste. The bundled green waste collection window is between Monday 3 October and Friday 4 November.

Follow these steps to prepare:

Step 1: Book your collection

  • If Council collects your kerbside bins, your property is eligible for a free bundled green waste collection each April and October.
  • Find out more about what we collect and book your collection on our Book a bundled green waste collection page. Bookings are open now and close on Friday 28 October at 2 pm.
  • Book in your collection at least a week before you want it collected. This gives our contractors time to plan their schedules.

Step 2: Get trimming

  • Check that your plants don’t encroach on Council land.
  • If branches overhang footpaths, prune them so there’s vertical clearance of 2.4 m for pedestrians.
  • Prune out dead or broken branches to improve the structure and look of your trees and shrubs. If your trees are big or hard to access, consider using an arborist.
  • Use flowering time as a guide to whether you should prune ornamental trees and shrubs. Many spring-flowering species will benefit from light pruning after they flower. Avoid pruning summer-flowering plants in spring, as this will remove the flower buds.

Step 3: Bundle it

To guarantee pick-up, make sure your green waste is under the collection size limit. Tie the bundles with non-plastic string or twine and stack neatly. Bundled and tied green waste of up to 2 cubic metres per household will be collected. Our contractors won’t collect more than this, and won’t collect unbundled green waste.