Boroondara Bicycle Strategy set to deliver

A group of people riding their bikes on a path

We have a new Boroondara Bicycle Strategy, endorsed by Council in July. Our Traffic and Transport team tell us what it’s all about.

Why do we need a bike strategy?

As our population grows, so does the need to preserve the quality of life in our suburbs by encouraging sustainable ways of getting around. The Boroondara Bicycle Strategy does just that through tangible initiatives to achieve our vision.

What’s the vision?

To deliver an integrated bicycle network which is safe, connected, protected, efficient and appealing to users of all ages and abilities. The bicycle network will include off-road paths and on-road links providing access to a range of destinations and making bicycle riding a feasible and attractive option for all residents, workers and visitors.

What does the community think?

Hundreds of community members shared a diverse range of views with us, which helped shape the strategy. One theme that shone through was the importance of safety for both cyclists and pedestrians. Safety remains a top focus, underpinning each initiative and action of the strategy.

What happens now?

We’re getting to work on delivering the initiatives in the strategy’s Implementation Plan. Here are a couple of highlights you can expect to see over the coming months and years – we’ll seek feedback from our community through targeted consultation before implementing initiatives.

Initiative 1

We’ll work with the Victorian Government to develop the Melbourne-wide Strategic Cycling Corridor network within Boroondara. It includes a proposed link between Box Hill and Hawthorn, primarily along the Belgrave/Lilydale railway corridor. We’ll advocate for the best possible community outcomes by doing feasibility studies and developing designs, working with stakeholders to decide the cycling and walking infrastructure that could be delivered.

What’s the community benefit?

The Box Hill to Hawthorn corridor would complete a missing east-west active transport link across Boroondara, providing more walking and cycling options for thousands of people in our community.

Initiative 2

We want to provide new links to expand Boroondara’s well-used and highly valued off-road path network and improve access to safe bicycle routes. One option is completing the missing link through Back Creek Reserve, Glen Iris, by building a new bridge over Back Creek, as well as new or reconstructed unsealed gravel paths connecting to Denman Avenue and Somerset Road.

What’s the community benefit?

Enhanced local connectivity and access for pedestrians and bicycle riders. The proposed unsealed gravel surface would be sympathetic to the natural environment and reflect the local access and recreational function of the path.

More information

To read our Strategy and find out more, visit our Boroondara Bicycle Strategy page.