Kids embrace active travel

It’s been an uncertain year for schoolkids, but the gradual return to classrooms will be the perfect time for them to get skating, riding, walking and scooting their way to school.

Our Safe and Active travel education program supports parents and schools in their efforts to encourage kids to make their own way to and from school. This helps them gain independence, stay active and healthy and also benefits the whole community by reducing traffic around schools to create quieter and safer streets.

Earlier this year, students across Boroondara enjoyed a bit of friendly competition in our Walk or Wheel Wednesday Challenge, which Council organises every year as part of our Safe and Active program. Every Wednesday in term 2, children from 9 local schools recorded their journeys walking, riding, scooting and skating to school to see who would be crowned the active travel winner.

Two schools distinguished themselves above the rest with their achievements. Camberwell Primary School had the class with the highest percentage of active travellers, with a whopping 87.5% of a class of 14 students walking, riding, scooting or skating to school. This class received a prize of umbrellas, drink bottles and bike helmets to help them with their future school journeys.

However, Chatham Primary School was crowned the overall winner and received the Walk or Wheel trophy after 68.5% of students across the entire school walked or wheeled to school for the challenge – earning them the use of a ‘smoothie bike’ and enough ingredients for a day of pedal-powered smoothie-making fun for the entire school.

For more information on our Safe and Active travel education program, visit our Safe and active travel to school page. Or phone (03) 9278 4444.

3 kids on a bike, skateboard and scooter

5 ways to boost active travel

  1. Help your child become familiar with your neighbourhood and identify the safest routes to school, including the location of safe road crossings.
  2. Build their confidence gradually. Start by joining them on their trip to school, then walk or ride part of the way with them and let them go the last few blocks on their own.
  3. Enrol your children in our School Holiday Bike Program, held during school holidays for students aged 9 to 16. Find out more on our Bike skills workshops page.
  4. Encourage your child’s school to sign up for Bike Ed, a safe cycling skills program developed by VicRoads for students aged 9 to 13. Find out more on our Bike Ed page.
  5. Find out if your child’s school is part of the Boroondara Active and Safe Schools program, an annual intensive active travel program run by Council.