Exam time? Tap into our library resources

With VCE and university exams just around the corner, your local library could be a great resource for extra support.

The Boroondara Library Service has a wealth of free online resources and databases available to library members. You can access referenced and reviewed content, follow links to related articles, and save articles to a folder for later use. You can create bibliographic references (in the specific style required by your school or university) and access help pages and tutorials.

From the award-winning Britannica Online, to reference database Credo and the ProQuest research library, there’s a database for every level of study.

All you need to get started is a Boroondara Library membership – signing up online takes just a few minutes, or you can join in person when libraries are open. Our expert library staff are on hand to provide guidance and demonstrations if you need them.

For more information, visit our Libraries page. Or you can phone (03) 9278 4666.

A woman using a computer