All aboard the community bus

Staying healthy and mobile as we age lets us enjoy our lives to the fullest. To help our older residents achieve this, Council has a range of social support services to keep them engaged through activities, groups – and shared transport that makes connections beyond just A to B.

Recent research contained in Council’s Healthy Ageing Plan reveals that 10% of older people experience isolation and loneliness, and 14% don’t have family members they can rely on for help.

Our community bus aims to meet both practical and social needs by offering transport to popular locations around Boroondara, as well as excursions to galleries, music performances, historic homes, gardens, museums and movie screenings.

Local resident Lorraine Whiting has used the community bus for 8 years to run errands and go on day trips.

“Over the years I’ve used the community bus to take me shopping, to the gardening club, to exercise classes and to my local library,” says Lorraine.

“I’ve also been on excursions to various locations such as nurseries and cafes. When I stopped driving, it provided me with independence and allowed me to continue on with the activities that I enjoy doing in life.”

Lorraine enjoys the social aspect too, and has formed strong friendships with other community bus users.

“I’ve been meeting with some local ladies on the community bus which took us to the Camberwell Library, and after that we’d have a coffee,” she says.

Lorraine met her friend Mary Dadd on the community bus.

“I like the feeling of being part of the community and meeting people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” says Mary.

“It keeps you feeling that  you’re not the only one that has trials to put up with as you get older.”

Learn more about our social support services on our Over 55s page. Or you can phone (03) 9278 4803.

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2 older women doing light exercise