Recycle right with FOGO

It is important to remember what can and can’t go in your Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) bin to ensure the material can be processed. If your FOGO bin has items that are not accepted, it may result in an entire truckload of material being sent to landfill.

Can accept

  • all fruit and vegetables – both cooked and raw
  • all types of dairy, bread and pasta products
  • meat and fish products – cooked and raw (except cooked bones)
  • processed, leftover, and spoilt food
  • wet and oily paper or cardboard – like a pizza box or paper towel

Cannot accept

  • all plastic, like bags, food wrappings and packaging (includes plastic products labelled biodegradable and compostable)
  • cooked bones and shellfish shells (these form a rock-like contaminant when hot composted)
  • nappies, pet waste and kitty litter (includes products labelled biodegradable and compostable)
  • most teabags – these often contain plastics (loose-leaf tea and 100 per cent paper tea bags are accepted)

    Sourcing extra caddy liners

    Each household, currently eligible for the FOGO kerbside service, should now have an annual supply of compostable liners (150) for the FOGO kitchen caddy, which allows for two or three changes per week.

    Each household will receive another annual supply of liners between March and April 2021.

    If the annual supply is used faster than expected, more liners can be purchased from various suppliers provided products meet the following mandatory requirements:

    • lime/light green in colour only (all other colours are sent to landfill)
    • labelled ‘compostable’
    • 100 per cent corn starch
    • 8L in size (this size fits the Council-supplied 7L kitchen caddy)
    • displays both AS4736 and AS5810

    Alternative options to using liners:

    • line your kitchen caddy with a paper bag, newspaper, or paper towel
    • put your food waste directly into your FOGO bin without a liner
    AS 5810 and AS 4736 logos

    For more information visit or call 9278 4444.