‘Get into it’ this October

This month, we celebrate the ongoing contributions of our over 65s community with the return of the annual Victorian Seniors Festival.

We have over 60 events and activities on offer in Boroondara encouraging older residents to expand their knowledge, socialise, get creative and most importantly, improve their health and wellbeing.

An advocate for leading an active lifestyle, Glenyse has become committed to her health, increasing her strength, improving her mindset and building social connections.

“Since taking a step back from working, I have loved going to my local gym - Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre,” she said.

“It was important for me to find something to do rather than simply sitting at home. My lifestyle has formed around the gym.”

Glenyse attends the centre 6 days per week. Here, she meets with friends for group training sessions each morning, followed by catching up over a cup of coffee at the café before getting on with the rest of her day.

When you are with like-minded people like the women I meet with at the gym, you invigorate and motivate each other to lead an active life. 

We are committed to advocating for opportunities for people of all ages in our community to feel healthy and maintain a sense of community. For Glenyse, this sense of community plays a large part in what she loves most about going to the gym.

This year’s Seniors Festival theme is ‘get into it’. Glenyse has proven that getting into it can improve not only your health, but also provide an opportunity to build meaningful connections within your community.

“If you spoke to most of the girls I go to the gym with in my age group, they wouldn’t classify themselves as seniors. They would say ‘I feel like I’m still in my 40s’, because age hasn’t impacted their lives at all,” Glenyse said.

“We have all made a commitment to fulfil an active and healthy life. It’s just a mindset.”

“There are many come and try sessions being held throughout Seniors Festival, so come and give it a go for yourself,” she said.

Join us in celebrating the Seniors Festival this October, with over 60 free or low cost events and activities to get involved in across Boroondara.

The Seniors Festival is a chance to recognise the valuable contribution over 65s have made and continue to make in our community, so come and try something new, expand your knowledge, socialise and improve your health and wellbeing.

Collect your free Boroondara Seniors Festival Program from Camberwell Customer Service Desk, libraries, Hawthorn Arts Centre, neighbourhood houses or Boroondara leisure and aquatic centres.

More information

For more information, contact the Active Ageing Strategy and Development team on 9278 4777 or at [email protected].