Tips to manage thunderstorm asthma

Ah-choo! Spring has sprung and pollen is in the air.

Grass pollen season unfortunately brings with it an increase in asthma and hay fever. There is also a heightened risk of thunderstorm asthma, from the start of October to the end of December. 

If you have current, past or undiagnosed asthma or seasonal hay fever, you are at increased risk of more severe asthma symptoms being triggered by thunderstorm asthma.

The following simple tips can help you and your loved ones stay safe:

  • Monitor the epidemic thunderstorm asthma risk forecast on the VicEmergency app.
  • Don’t be outdoors in a storm, especially during the winds that precede them.
  • Take your preventative medication as directed, even when you’re symptom-free.
  • Carry your reliever and know how to manage an asthma attack.

For more tips to stay protected, including asthma first-aid steps, visit the Thunderstorm Asthma page on the Better Health website