New public space in level-crossing designs

A new open space at Union Road, Surrey Hills, is a feature of the latest designs from the Victorian Government’s Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) for the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level-crossing removals.

Following community feedback, the LXRP added a new station entrance on Montrose Street in Surrey Hills and a new pedestrian bridge and plaza at Hamilton Street, Mont Albert, featuring the heritage Mont Albert train station building.

The LXRP has indicated designs for the new open space at Union Road haven’t been finalised yet, so over the last few months Council has sought feedback to hear more about what our community wants to see created in this space to support our Surrey Hills shopping strip and local community.

Council will use this feedback in formulating a response to the LXRP on their design of this open space.

We’ve received valuable feedback about how you’d like to use this new open space, what key design features you’d like and what streetscape, amenity and connectivity improvements you’d like to see.

For more information and the latest updates, visit Surrey Hills level crossing removal.

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