Help us prevent fires this summer

As we approach fire danger season in Victoria, even our local suburbs and neighbourhoods can be at risk of fire if properties aren’t maintained and kept free of fire hazards.

Owners of vacant land have a responsibility to maintain their properties and clear the land of any hazards that could cause fires, such as dry long grass, weeds, rubbish piles, branches, leaves and other flammable materials.

Our annual inspection of properties is currently underway, and we ask that vacant land is cleared of hazards by early November and maintained over the summer months.

Unmaintained residential properties can also be a danger. Are there neighbouring properties in your street that present a clear fire risk with long
grass, garden mulch, dead foliage, firewood and other materials? You can help us by reporting these risks.

We will investigate any reports of potential fire hazards and ask that any are removed before the summer months.

For more information and to report a potential fire hazard, visit Fire prevention or call (03) 9278 4444.