Boroondara Library Service

Our libraries are a great place for VCE study

Students are hitting the books in preparation for their VCE exams and what better place to study than one of Boroondara’s 6 libraries.

Children and Youth Services Librarian, Jacquie, is based at the Camberwell Library where students come to escape the temptations and distractions of home.

“At any point there can be up to 30 students studying at each of our major libraries, particularly between 3pm and 6pm,” Jacquie said. 

Kat, another of our dedicated Children and Youth Services librarians based at the Ashburton Library said that each library has information professionals on hand to provide guidance on credible sources and information literacy.

“We also help students find tools to cite correctly, to look beyond Google and to critically evaluate information,” Kat said.

“By attending with friends, there is the chance for occasional breaks, while also keeping each other accountable.”

At the library, students have access to a number of helpful resources to assist them with their studies. Jacquie noted that the top resource is definitely access to free Wi-Fi and study spaces.

“We have dedicated desks, areas with tables for group study or study with a tutor and study rooms that can be booked,” she said.

“Students see the library as the ‘third place’ beyond home and school, with tech-friendly spaces and the inspiration to study with so many other students working equally as hard all around them.”

“Library staff are available to help guide students on how to find what they need from a variety of sources, including our many digital resources.”

Students can access world-class reference databases like Credo and Brittanica and access academic journals using Proquest and ANZ Reference Centre.

Kat said that students know what to expect at the library and schedule it as study time.

“Having a physical location helps to mentally delineate between all of the things that go on at home and at school,” said Kat.

We encourage students to come and take advantage of our libraries for study all year round.

For more information call 9278 4666 or visit our Libraries page.

Students from Camberwell High School say why they love studying at our libraries

“I don’t mind studying at the library because although there are lots of people there, they don’t disturb me.” (Year 11 student)

“I’ve used the quiet study area a few times on weekends. You can usually find a spot to work. There are great books to choose from and a wide selection.” (Year 11 student)

“My friend goes to a different school, but we go to the Camberwell Library together to do homework, study and borrow books on the holidays.” (Year 10 student)