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How to stay warm in winter

Winter should be a time for cosy evenings and toasty mornings, but for some residents the high cost of energy means staying warm comes at too high a price.

Reducing energy bills

Using an energy-efficient home heating system, and weather-proofing and insulating your home correctly, can help you stay warm this winter while keeping your heating bills and your environmental footprint under control.

We recommend using Sustainability Victoria’s easy online calculator to help you better understand your heating costs. Visit Sustainability Victoria and search for ‘calculate heating costs’ to give it a go.

Free energy advice and resources

We collaborate with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF), a leading not-for-profit national energy foundation, to provide our residents, schools and local businesses with free energy advice.

Visit the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) or call 1300 23 68 55 to learn more about how you can better prepare you home for winter.

You can also access our free Guide to Creating an Energy-Efficient Home, borrow a home energy meter to track your home energy use from Boroondara Libraries, or book a free 20-minute energy consultation with the AEF via Reducing your carbon footprint.

A house with solar panels on a sunny day.