School’s back: Take care out there

Local police point out that with the school term now in full swing there is increased movement of pedestrians, cyclists, cars and public transport throughout Boroondara.

Local Area Commander Inspector Craig Pearson offers the following reminders so everyone can share our roads and footpaths safely.

  • It’s vital that drivers take extra care, particularly around school commute times. Obey the reduced speed limits near school zones and follow the directions of crossing supervisors.
  • With kids hopping on and off trams, ensure you stop at the rear of a tram until the doors close and the road is free of pedestrians. When passing a stopped tram, travel no faster than 10 km/h. And tram users, always check for cars.
  • Kids riding their bikes to school must wear a helmet.
  • Motorists and cyclists, look out for each other and concentrate while you navigate traffic. It is illegal to use your mobile while driving or riding.
  • Everyone should feel safe travelling on public transport. If you experience or witness any illegal or inappropriate behaviour, please don’t hesitate to call Triple Zero (000) so police or protective services officers can help and identify the alleged offender.
  • Teenagers meeting up with friends in the park after school and on weekends are reminded that underage drinking is illegal, as is buying alcohol for anyone underage. Police support a family-friendly atmosphere in our parks and public spaces, and will take action against those committing offences.
Two children wearing backpacks and helmets riding bicycles