Mural is one for the dogs

A happy blend of art and statistics have combined to create our latest public mural – set beside Boroondara’s first fully fenced dog-play area.

Pet registration figures revealed our most popular dog breeds, and Melbourne artist James Price wrangled them into a playful jumble on the walls of a Council building in Gordon Barnard Reserve, Balwyn North.

“In designing the work, I really focused on the energy of dogs, and all the different shapes and sizes they come in,” says James. “I wanted the work to be a democratic pattern of canine glory – a welcome sign of sorts for all the dogs, and their humans, about to enjoy the dog park.”

The work was commissioned last winter, a more challenging time than most for mural painters. “Painting in Melbourne in winter is always a gamble,” says James, “but after 15 days of rain delays, and 2 different COVID lockdowns, the work was finally finished.”

Mural of stylised dogs running and playing

Depicted are the top 5 breeds among the 11,388 dogs registered in Boroondara up to April last year: a cavoodle and spoodle (represented as one), labrador, golden retriever and border collie.

Opened in November, the new dog play area has a sandpit, dry creek bed, logs and plenty of green spaces where dogs can stretch their legs, along with seating for humans and drinking water for all.

The fenced area is a safe space to play with your dog, and can be especially useful for those training young dogs.

While this is an off-leash area, you must keep your dog on-leash in other parts of the reserve. There is signage on-site showing the on- and off-leash areas and rules for using those spaces.

It’s time to register your pet

Have you registered your pet with Council this year? All cats and dogs over the age of 3 months must be registered by 9 April.

Microchipping and registering your pet is required by law, and it also helps us reunite you with your furry family member if they go missing. Plus, your registration fees allow us to keep creating great environments for your pet within the community.

Quicker than ever

As part of our efforts to transform Boroondara, it’s now quicker and easier than ever to register, renew and pay online using our pet registration form Register your pet.