Message from the Mayor, Cr Jane Addis

In a ceremony at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Australia Day I had the pleasure of welcoming 95 new Australian citizens, from 22 countries, to Boroondara.

It was wonderful to see the joy of our new Australian citizens, and was a reminder of all they offer our community and how much we have to offer here in Boroondara.

On that day, we also acknowledged 3 of our community’s local heroes through the 2022 Boroondara Citizen of the Year awards, which recognise the contributions made by Boroondara residents to enrich the lives of us all. These exceptional members of our community commit their time and expertise to give hope, strength and knowledge to empower us; a precious gift indeed.

Our ability to grow stronger and more vibrant post-COVID lockdowns will be assisted by our 180,000-strong community finding shared goals, and supporting each other. This month, we will focus on how food and cooking can bring cultures together as we celebrate Harmony Week from 21 to 27 March. You can read migrant Harshini Amaratunga’s story of adapting to Australian life while sharing her Sri Lankan heritage through cooking. I look forward to seeing the culinary and cultural treasures our newest citizens introduce us to in the years ahead.

Having endorsed our Climate Action Plan last September, Council’s efforts are now focused on achieving our Council emission-reduction targets, and supporting community members to meet the aspirational community target of becoming net-carbon neutral by 2035. Tripling the number of buildings with solar energy systems is one step on that path, and this month I am pleased to introduce the local government-developed Solar Savers program. The program has been set up to help householders gain access to affordable solar power by installing high-quality rooftop solar panels fitted by experienced and reliable local installers. You can find out more about it at

I wish you a safe and happy autumn, and I hope we continue to enjoy the current freedoms as we head into the colder months.

signature of Cr Jane Addis

Cr Jane Addis

Mayor of Boroondara