Meet our 2022 Citizens of the Year

A dedicated community leader, an emerging youth health advocate with national and international stature, and a passionate and resilient volunteer who supports women in need...

These motivated and caring members of our community have been recognised in the 2022 Boroondara Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year Awards. Congratulations to our award recipients, who selflessly contribute to our community, demonstrating inspiring leadership and enacting real change for a better Boroondara.

Greg Buchanan: Citizen of the Year

Greg Buchanan’s commitment to protecting the fabric of our built heritage and the future of Boroondara is widely recognised. Greg played a pivotal role in establishing the Surrey Hills Progress Association and the event for the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Surrey Gardens, and he advocates tirelessly for the community voice to the Level Crossing Removal Project.

Those who work with him relay stories of a selfless individual with a great ability to engage with the community for the best outcomes.

This award is recognition by Council that community groups like ours are valued when they act constructively and show respect while advocating strongly for what the group believes in and cares about.

3 Boroondara Citizens of the year with Boroondara's Mayor Jane Addis

Rhea Werner: (joint winner) Young Citizen of the Year

Rhea Werner drives change and awareness at local, national and international levels for nutrition issues affecting her peers. Rhea is a co-chair and founding member of the national non-profit Body Confident Collective, a Boroondara Youth Council member, and has contributed to United States legislation with Harvard University. At just 15 years of age, Rhea leads and inspires her peers to create awareness as she works to advocate for tangible change for those suffering from often-stigmatised eating disorders.

The work I’ve been doing means so much to me because I’ve been able to work with people who want to create tangible change. Being recognised by Council shows we’re creating an impact and people are listening.


Belinda Battey: (joint winner) Young Citizen of the Year

Belinda Battey’s dedication to others is exemplified by her role as the volunteer live-in manager of Servants Community Housing, an organisation that supports women experiencing long-term mental health issues and/or who are survivors of domestic violence. Belinda also supports young people by leading youth camps and in her work as a carer. She is described as focused and passionate in her work to support young people and those in desperate need.

Receiving this recognition from Council is another reminder of just how important our work is. This award really is a win not just for me but for all of us at Servants Community Housing.