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Lockdown through children's eyes

Last year, at the height of extended stay-at-home measures in Melbourne, we captured the thoughts and feelings of some of our local children.

During a seemingly endless cycle of lockdowns, restrictions, openings and closures, and social distancing that affected our whole community, Boroondara children were there to see it all.

We held workshops with local children in September 2020 to help them document their day-to-day lives through their own words and artwork. The result is two community books. Most kindergartens in Boroondara remained open so children of essential workers, or those from vulnerable backgrounds, could still play and learn. Through my window... Lockdown in Boroondara through kindergarten children’s eyes, features the drawings and thoughts of children aged three to five who attended kindergarten throughout the pandemic.

In the way only children can do, they tell of building cubby houses with blankets, making creations with Lego, watching birds, flowers and veggie patches growing outside the window, playing with siblings, and aching to play in the park.

The second book, Boroondara Bubble, is a collection of stories and reflections from mostly primary school children, aged four to 12, on living through the pandemic. It was created during online workshops with author-illustrator Trace Balla, organised by our libraries.

Their stories and illustrations capture the funny, resilient and imaginative perspectives on virtual learning, home haircuts, library book deliveries and even a fictional comic book super-hero fighting COVID-19.

You will be able to read digital versions of both books in full here after the launch event on 23 March.

You will also be able to borrow hard copies of the books from Boroondara Library Service:

thre children read a book