Get ready for autumn

Start a book club this year

Starting a book club is easy, with plenty of help available at your local Boroondara library.

We have an excellent collection of thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction titles to spark conversations. Also, many of the recommended titles for book groups come in multiple formats such as large print, audiobook and ebook.

Being involved in a book club is a wonderful way to further your love of reading and discover new titles. It’s also an opportunity to connect with others in the community in an engaging, social setting.

If you don’t want to start your own book club, but still wish to be part of a book group, join the Chatterbooks program, our fun online book chat. Hosted by library staff, discuss interesting new books and those that have stood the test of time. You are welcome to either come and listen, or be part of the conversation. Search our library events page for 'Chatterbooks' for upcoming sessions. 

For more information about coming events, visit our Library events page

Book a bundled green waste collection

Autumn is a good time to prune them back and make sure our streets and footpaths are safe for everyone. Branches or shrubs overhanging public spaces can create hazards for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Low-hanging foliage can strike pedestrians as they pass and ground level shrubs can block footpaths and create tripping or slip hazards, particularly for the vision-impaired and elderly.

Each eligible property can book one free bundled green waste collection for April, which can be used to recycle up to two cubic metres of bundled and tied green waste. Bundles must be securely tied with string/twine (non-plastic only) and neatly stacked to guarantee pick-up.

Collections will commence on Monday 29 March and end on Friday 30 April 2021.

Bookings open on Monday 15 March and close at 2pm on Friday 23 April 2021.

Visit our Bundled green waste collection page for more information. 

Someone holds a pair of pruning scissors and cuts a branch of a tree

Responsible pet ownership

Off-leash dog parks

With a number of off-leash parks available for you and your dog to enjoy around Boroondara, it is important that you ensure you, your dog and others using the park remain safe. It is important that you keep your dog under effective control at all times when out in public, including in off-leash areas.

By carrying a leash, staying in close proximity to your dog so it can hear your command and maintaining constant visual contact, you can ensure you, your furry friend and those around you can safely enjoy our shared spaces together. Please also remember to carry a suitable bag to clean up after your pet.

Renew your pet registration

If you have a dog or cat older than three months, it must be registered with Council and renewed each year. Registering your pet is required by law, but it also helps us reunite you with your furry friend if it goes missing.

Pet registrations must be renewed by Friday 9 April 2021.

You can register your pet, renew or update your pet information on our website. 

For more information about pets and responsible pet ownership, visit our Pets page.

a beige coloured whippet dog stares at the camera

Transforming Boroondara

We’ve been working hard to improve your customer experience and we understand that minimising the time you spend on “life admin” tasks, such as registering your pet or booking a green waste collection, is a big part of that. We hope our handy online forms provide you with more time to spend on more enjoyable things, like relaxing in your garden or taking your pooch for a walk at one of our lovely trails and parks.

This online form is part of our effort to ensure we deliver contemporary customer services across all communication channels.

Visit our Transforming Boroondara page for more information.