Making easements easy

You may not think about them often but your property’s stormwater drainage and access to drainage easements are vital. An easement is a section of land to which Council or other nominated agencies or authorities have access rights.

There is about 700km of stormwater drainage in Boroondara. If it gets blocked, flooding can occur, potentially causing water damage to backyards, garages and sometimes homes that might be many houses away from the blockage.

That’s why councils or other nominated agencies (including VicRoads or Melbourne Water) have access rights to inspect the easements on your private property and ensure they are in working order.

Do you have an easement within your private property boundary?

Not all blocks have easements; your land title generally contains this information.

If you have an easement on your land, here are some things you should be aware of to help protect your property:

  • Keep easements clear of obstacles. Habitable structures are not allowed to be built over easements, however we may allow temporary, removable or lightweight structures. If you plan to build over an easement you will need to lodge a Building Over Easement application. If we need to access the easement to perform maintenance work, you may be required to remove the objects at your own expense.
  • Avoid planting within or near easements to prevent damage to underground pipes and access pits, and to allow us easy access if required for maintenance work. If your easement is covered by plants, we will need you to remove them before our visit. If we need to excavate, we will reinstate the area with top soil and seed (we do not reinstate original plantings). 
  • Ensure that the access pit (manhole) is visible at ground level and has reasonable working space around the lid. We can provide you with a free placard to fix to your fence to help staff find the access pit more easily.

For more information, see Drains and stormwater or call 9278 4444.