Get ready for our Food Organics and Garden Organics collection service

From Monday 4 May 2020, our Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) kerbside bin collection service will commence for residents in single dwellings and in blocks of up to 3 units.

This means residents in these dwellings can start putting food waste and garden waste in the same bin.

Between March and May 2020, these residents will start to receive: 

  • a 7-litre bench-top kitchen caddy made from 100% recycled plastic 
  • 1 year’s supply (150) of Council-approved compostable caddy liners made from 100% corn starch 
  • a FOGO information booklet 
  • a ‘Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO), Recycling and Waste Guide’ 
  • a 2020-21 fortnightly waste collection calendar. 

Residents with an existing green waste bin will have their lid swapped over from an orange lid to a lime-green lid. This will become their FOGO bin.

Residents who do not currently have a green waste bin will receive a new 120L FOGO bin with a lime green lid for their food and garden waste.

Expressions of Interest: FOGO Community Champions Program

Want to help us spread the word about our new Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service? We are seeking expressions of interest for volunteer FOGO Community Champions to support the rollout. 

We’ll turn you into a FOGO champion who can teach your family, friends and networks about how the service works and how it helps the environment. 

If you are passionate about sustainability and tackling food waste (or if you know someone that is) please email [email protected] or call 9278 4444 and mention ‘FOGO Community Champions Program’ to register your interest.

Green waste bin lid swap

Residents in single dwellings and in blocks of up to 3 units who have a green waste bin will have their orange bin lid swapped over to a lime green FOGO lid.

Between March and May, we ask you leave your green waste bin out until 5pm on the day of your regular collection. 

This will give our team additional time to swap the lid over before FOGO commences. We can only swap lids if the bin is presented on the kerb — we can’t enter your property.

More information

To read more, see Food Organics and Garden Organics.

Book your April bundled green waste collection

Recycle your autumn prunings with a booked bundled green waste collection. Each residential property can book 1 collection for April, which can be used to recycle up to 2 cubic metres of bundled and tied green waste.

Bundles must be securely tied with string/twine (non-plastic only) and neatly stacked to guarantee pick up.

The collections will commence on Monday 30 March and end on Friday 1 May 2020.