Help our little birds

Our award-winning Backyard Biodiversity project is back! The good news is, it is now open to all Boroondara residents.

The project encourages residents to enhance their garden with indigenous plants and other wildlife-friendly features to create stepping stones for our native wildlife.

This year’s project focuses on creating safe havens for little bird species like the superb fairy-wren, spotted pardalote and Willie wagtail which are sadly under threat.

Modern backyards often fail to create habitat that small birds need. A trend towards favouring more open lawn and paved areas and less shrub plantings has removed critical food, shelter and nesting locations for smaller native birds. Open gardens attract larger, more aggressive birds like noisy miners, pied currawongs and common mynas that push smaller birds out. 



Simple things can make a difference

You don’t need to be an expert gardener to help our mini-friends. Doing the following simple things can make a big difference:

  • Plant dense native species that give a refuge from larger, more aggressive birds, and cats. Shrubs like Prickly Coprosma and Sweet Bursaria are great choices.
  • Include a source of water with a bird bath. To make your bird bath ‘little-bird-friendly’ simply elevate it and place it so your small visitors can dart for cover. Also ensure it is shallow enough to allow birds to stand upright in to clean their feathers.

More information

To learn more about how you can turn your garden into a haven for little birds join the Backyard Biodiversity project. By joining this free project you’ll learn to recognise little birds, enjoy guided walks, create a bird-friendly garden and receive free plants and advice for your garden.

Backyard Biodiversity starts in May; for more information and registration details contact Amy Shaw at [email protected] by Friday 12 April 2019.


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