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Parking, pavement and permits

Have you spotted these quad bikes in your area?

You might see quad bikes on off-road adventure trails or on farms, but over the past couple of months you may have spotted them also slowly cruising Boroondara’s footpaths.

The bikes are important tools in our footpath condition audit, which we conduct every five years to assess the state of these assets. Road analyser vehicles are also used for assessing the condition of roads. These specialist vehicles and quad bikes featuring high-definition cameras are used to collect detailed data on the condition of our footpaths, shared pathways, roads, kerbs and gutters.

The data helps us identify the nature of issues affecting our assets to inform the development of long-term maintenance and renewal programs. As well as regular monitoring, by auditing our assets we can proactively manage them and maintain safe roads and footpaths for our community.

For more information visit Road maintenance page or call 9278 4901.

Two council workers on a quad bike completing a footpath condition audit.

Boroondara to explore more parking for commuters

Following the Australian Government’s $650 million Commuter Car Park Fund announcement in 2019, four Boroondara suburbs have been identified for potential investment to reduce parking pressure in local streets and support the use of public transport. While the Federal Government is in discussion with the State Government regarding car parking at Surrey Hills, Council has been allocated $750,000 per suburb to conduct feasibility studies for underground multi-level car parking in Hawthorn and Canterbury, and an above-ground multi-level car park in Camberwell.

Initial assessment and investigation works will include:

  • analysis of current traffic and parking activity
  • soil testing and geotechnical investigations
  • land surveying
  • assessment of existing trees on potential sites
  • exploration of existing underground services
  • planning overlays
  • cultural heritage assessments.

This initial funding will also support the resourcing and community consultation required to determine the viability of each project and their possible locations. Extensive community engagement and consultation for each suburb is planned for mid-2021 to late-2021, to ensure community feedback is considered and incorporated into the development of these proposed projects.

For more information visit Boroondara Commuter Car Park projects or call 9278 4444.

New residential parking permits on the way

Do you hold a residential parking permit in Boroondara? Current permits are set to expire on 30 June.

We’ll be issuing new residential parking permits in the coming weeks. If you currently hold a permit, there’s no action you need to take right now.

Your new permit/s will arrive in the mail a few weeks before your current one expires. Just remember to either stick it to your windscreen or hang it on your rear view mirror.

If you don’t receive your new permit in the mail, please get in touch with Council to be issued with a replacement. New permits will be valid for two years, until 30 June 2023.

Need a new permit? There’s an online form for that!

We are Transforming Boroondara to provide you with more ways to interact with Council.

If you want to update your car or registration details, request a new permit, or apply for an additional residential permit, simply fill out one of our online forms at a time that suits you.

For more information visit our Parking permits page.