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Men's health week - Meet Michael Mosley

From men’s sheds to sporting groups, there are many ways men can improve their wellbeing.

Local resident and member of the Boroondara Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee, Andrew Kegele, realised that men in his neighbourhood found it difficult to get involved in their community and were often unsure about how to go about it.

“I initially noticed this through my involvement with dads at the Alfred Road kindergarten, and I also became aware of [other] common issues: work stress, balancing family commitments, isolation, those in “transition” (between jobs and unable to find work in their area), alcohol issues and more.

“In an effort to improve this, I started a father’s group at Hartwell Primary School, and with The Fathering Project, supported by a Boroondara Community Grant. We established father’s groups at other local primary schools as well.”  

These groups have regular activities and events to bring dads together, have some fun and support one another.

"I formed a 'coffee group' of local sole business owners and we meet every few months to discuss and share our successes, and develop a support network Business Boroondara also offer a lot of helpful resources and networking opportunities. 

“So whether it be a dad’s group, a business network, becoming involved in your local sporting club, finding a group that shares an interest in your hobby, helping your neighbour or simply sharing a smile and saying ‘hello’ to a passerby, I think the past year has certainly shown us the importance of staying connected."

Men in Boroondara experience a good quality of life when compared to other Victorian localities, with 86 per cent reporting their health as good, very good or excellent in the 2017 Victorian Population Health Survey. But there are definitely areas for improvement. Boroondara residents spend almost an hour longer sitting at a work desk than the Victorian average, and as little as 2.2 per cent of male residents eat enough vegetables. The good news is that according to Men's Health Week research, 70 per cent of a man’s overall health is controllable through lifestyle choices such as increasing physical activity and building social connections.

Simple ways to improve men's health

Men’s Health Week (14-20 June) is an important opportunity to highlight men’s health issues and promote discussions about how to improve them. Here are some ideas to start improving your health today.

Visit a men’s shed

Whether you’re working on a community or personal project, men’s sheds offer an opportunity for men to get together and learn from each other. Find out more about Boroondara’s four men’s sheds.

Get active

Join a club, get fit and meet likeminded people in your local community. Boroondara offers a range of sporting clubs and exercise groups for people of all ages. Find a sporting club or your local recreation centre.


From preparing meals, to revegetating parklands and preserving local history, volunteering is a great way to help others in the community and to meet new people. Explore volunteering opportunities in Boroondara.

Men's Health event