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Join our anti-ageism campaign

Christine Georgiou from Canterbury has never let age get in the way of doing what she loves. In her early 70s, Christine is an active community member.

Since Christine retired from her professional career as a school principal more than a decade ago, she has been involved with several organisations that she is keen to support. Speaking about her involvement with the University of the Third Age (U3A), Deepdene, where she has been president for the past three years, Christine said: “I am volunteering in an association which is contributing hugely to the life of senior people. U3A is about keeping people mentally engaged in learning, socially connected and physically active. These three elements are critical for healthy ageing and maintaining the capacity of seniors to continue to contribute to their families and communities and live independently.”

Christine recommends older adults volunteer as a rewarding way to make a difference, stay engaged and meet a variety of interesting people. “When volunteering I never hear ‘I’m old, I can’t do that’.”

As well as volunteering, Christine encourages older adults to look after their physical health. “I have a strong interest in physical fitness and believe it is the key to maintaining independence. If you don’t turn up at a U3A exercise class someone will notice, so it makes you feel you need to be there. And as a side benefit, it promotes social connectedness.” Council is committed to supporting the City’s ageing population to remain healthy, engaged and connected to the community. We recognise and celebrate the integral role older adults like Christine play in the community, and the significant contributions they make.

Are you ageist?

We are striving to be a community without ageism. Together with six other councils, we have developed a campaign to raise awareness about ageism, challenge stereotypes of what it is to be older, and encourage people to speak up and take action.

There are many ways you can get involved and learn more:

  • Take the ‘Am I Ageist?’ quiz
  • Sign the online pledge to stand for a world without ageism
  • Visit your local library, sign a hard copy pledge and add it to our community pledge wall
  • Take a photo with your signed pledge and post it on social media
  • Speak up and start a conversation when you hear someone being ageist.

For more information, visit our tackling ageism together page or call 9278 4444.

University of the Third Age participant Christine Georgiou sits in front of her computer and smiles at the camera