Simple tips for happy dog play

Boroondara dog owners can let their furry friends stretch their legs at one of our many designated ‘off leash’ dog friendly spaces.

These spots are the perfect place to get some fresh air, soak in some sunshine and enjoy our beautiful parklands.

Remember though, if you decide to take your pooch to an off-leash park, you can help everyone to have a good time by following some simple rules:

  • carry a leash at all times
  • pay attention - don’t allow your dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
  • bring your dog under your control immediately if it threatens any person or animal
  • keep your dog at least 30m away from in-use barbecues or picnic areas, public meetings or sporting events
  • ensure your dog is not in a playground and is on a leash within 10m of the perimeter of a playground
  • pick up after your dog with a suitable plastic bag and place it in a bin (avoid a fine for not cleaning up after your pet).

You also need to be aware of your dog’s safety at all times, especially when park maintenance is taking place. Dogs and lawn mowers don’t mix - if you see our maintenance crews working in the area, please keep your distance.

For more information visit Off-leash dog parks or call 9278 4444.

Dog sitting near its owner at the park
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