Registering your pet, pool or spa

Register your pet

Have you registered your pet yet? All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be registered with Council annually.

Microchipping and registering your pet is required by law, but it also helps us reunite you with your furry friend if he or she goes missing.

Plus, your registration fees help us continue to create great environments for your pet within the community, including off-leash dog parks, Council’s Pet Expo and education for animal owners.

As part of our effort to Transform Boroondara and make your life a little bit easier, it’s now quicker than ever to register, renew and pay online using our pet registration form.

Register your pet 

Register your pool or spa 

Did you know that property owners must register their pools and spas with Council? This is a new regulation required by the Victorian Government, which came into effect from 1 December 2019 under the Building Regulations 2018.

Registrations were due by 1 November 2020. If you have yet to register your pool or spa, or if you have installed a new one since this date, you must register it immediately.

Infringements of up to $1652 may apply for failure to register.

Register your pool or spa online

Did you know you can now register your pool or spa quickly and easily online? This is part of our efforts to transform Boroondara, providing you with more convenient options for how you interact with Council.

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