Green light for Budget 2021-22

The Budget 2021-22 – which aims to balance the needs and priorities of our diverse and growing community, now and into the future – has been adopted by Council. 

The Proposed Budget 2021-22 (including Mayoral and Councillor allowances) and Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-25 were presented at a council meeting on 26 April, and the Proposed Budget was made available for public review and comment. Council received 37 submissions, with 11 presenting in support of their submission at the Council meeting on 7 June. We thank every person who took the time to review the Proposed Budget and prepare a written submission. The feedback is valued and plays an important role in helping us to ensure the budget delivers on what is important for our community.

The 2021-22 Budget and the Revenue and Rating Plan were adopted by Council on Monday 28 June. Officers will submit a further report to Council detailing opportunities to allocate additional funds of up to $1 million in the 2021-22 financial year for implementation of initiatives included in the Climate Action Plan once it is adopted.

On behalf of the community we will deliver the support, investment and infrastructure our community needs to thrive, while remaining in line with Council’s commitment to sustainable budgeting, responsible financial management and the Victorian Government’s rate cap for 2021-22. We will deliver what we promised, with significant investments to progress important projects including the redevelopment of Kew Recreation Centre and the Canterbury Community Precinct, while the Heritage Gap studies will continue the important work of reviewing and protecting our heritage properties and places. 

The Budget 2021-22 encompasses many other significant projects, including major building works and fulfilling our commitment to improving our environmental sustainability, and ongoing investment in vital services and community infrastructure.

To read an outline of all our major projects for 2021-22, visit our Budget 2021-22 page.