Recycling your e-waste is now mandatory

The Victorian Government has banned all e-waste from going to landfill, effective from 1 July 2019.

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it is commonly known, includes any item with a plug, battery, cord or alternative power source, which is no longer working or wanted.

The new law means you can’t put e-waste in any of your bins. All e-waste items must be kept separate and recycled at designated points.

Where can you recycle your e-waste?

You can drop off small e-waste items (up to the size of a large toaster) in one of these 6 collection banks across Boroondara:

  • City of Boroondara Customer Service area - 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell
  • Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre - 8 Warner Avenue, Ashburton
  • Hawthorn Arts Centre Customer Service area - 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
  • Kew Library - Corner Cotham and Civic Drive, Kew
  • Greythorn Community Hub - 2 Centre Way, Balwyn North
  • Boroondara Sports Complex - 271C Belmore Road, Balwyn North.

For all other larger e-waste items, you can take them to the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre, 648 Riversdale Road, Camberwell.

Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling station

The following items can be recycled at Boroondara's 6 collection banks:

  • mobile phones and accessories
  • batteries (no car batteries)
  • small appliances
  • computer and accessories

More information

For more information visit e-waste or call 9278 4444.


What does the change on 1 July 2019 mean to our community?

Hawthorn residents, Nick and Mirren share their thoughts about changes to our e-waste, and what it will mean for residents in Boroondara.

How do you feel about the government’s ban on all e-waste going in household waste bins?

We think banning e-waste from going in rubbish dumps or landfills really makes sense. We recently read that 95 per cent of all the components of e-waste can be recycled, so we all need to start doing our bit to ensure that all of the e-waste from our homes is separated and recycled properly.

What does the term ‘e-waste’ mean to you?

‘E-waste’ is just short for ‘electronic waste’. This used to make me think about TVs, computers, batteries, mobiles and light globes. We now know that e-waste is everything with a plug, battery, or power cord. It’s also things with alternative power sources like solar lights. Think; toaster, hairdryer, vacuum, microwave, toys, etcetera.

Why is recycling e-waste important to you?

We hate thinking about the environmental damage from all of the dangerous waste, including e-waste, that is in landfill sites around the world. We must think before we act to protect our water, land and air. Also in landfill there is a huge loss of all of the precious metals in e-waste - like gold. It is just madness that we throw away gold. By simply recycling all of our e-waste, we can help protect the environment and ensure the components are recycled - and not lost.

My sister just had a baby, and when we recycle, we think about the future for him and all of his generation.



How will you recycle your e-waste after 1 July 2019?

We have a little box that we keep in our laundry for our smaller e-waste, and when it's full we will take it to one of those new e-waste collection banks. We live in Hawthorn, so we will take our stuff to the collection bank at Hawthorn Arts Centre … which will be super easy and close to us!

For bigger stuff, we’ll head to the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre in Camberwell. Or, if we have a bunch of other bulky stuff, we can call Council for a free hard waste collection pick up for the lot, as the e-waste will be recycled through the hard waste collection too.

How are you managing data protection on your e-waste?

We were worried about recycling our old laptops and mobiles due to the potential for data theft. However, we contacted the Council and they recommended that we visit the Sustainability Victoria’s data protection checklist online. There is lots of useful information on the site which answered our questions. We are now confident about how to remove our data and recycle our laptops and mobiles safely.

Do you have any tips to avoid, reduce or reuse e-waste?

Well, we try to embrace the ‘think-before-you-buy’ mindset and try to only buy things as we really need them. When buying electrical items, we buy good quality, and we take good care of our possessions, hoping that translates to longer product life. We have bought and sold a few used electrical items on eBay and Gumtree, which is a great way to make some money or get a bargain while also reducing our waste.

We also have given away working e-waste items to charity shops too. Oh and we recently heard about that free North Balwyn Repair Café at the Greythorn Community Hub that fixes electrical items too. We are going to check that out soon. Such a great idea.