Create a backyard oasis

Balconies for Biodiversity workshop

Pollinator species, like bees and butterflies, are of great conservation concern.

They are declining across the globe due to intense farming, climate change, disease, and changing land use including urbanisation. The good news is we can help support these species in our own backyard.

The Balconies for Biodiversity workshop will show you how you can create your own biodiversity hotspot with minimal space. Let the experts show you how your courtyard, balcony or porch can become attractive to a range of wildlife with just a little bit of planning.

When: 7pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 10 September 2019
Where: Boroondara Room, Council Offices, 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell

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If you don’t have internet access please call 9278 4444 to register.