Top tips to keep your home safe from burglars

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and there are simple things we can all do to deter criminals from stealing our possessions and invading our privacy.

Boroondara Police has seen a concerning trend of criminals breaking into cars to steal garage remotes, then gaining entry to garages and homes to steal car keys, cars and other valuable items.

    Our local police provide the following advice to keep your home safe:

    • If your car is parked outside your garage, don’t leave the remote control to your garage door in the vehicle.
    • If there’s an internal door between your garage and home, make sure it’s always locked.
    • Burglars often jump neighbouring fences to gain entry to other homes, so ensure side and rear doors and windows are locked.
    • Take the time to look around your yard to ensure there are no items, like bins or ladders, that could assist a would-be burglar.
    • Always lock your garage and sheds, to protect valuable items and ensure your garden tools aren’t used to force entry to your home.
    • Sensor lighting, CCTV and an alarm system are all useful to help deter criminals.
    • Most people are trustworthy, but be mindful of sharing too much information about your routine with people hired to do work at your home. Rather than saying “I’m only home on Mondays”, try “My work hours vary, but this week Monday suits best”.
    • You may wish to consider removing valuable items from plain view while you have strangers working in your home.
    person with a hoodie peering into a car window