Environmental initiative – raingardens

We have created a number of attractive and functional raingardens across our municipality that are helping to reduce the impact of stormwater on our environment.

The latest raingarden at Gordon Barnard Reserve was completed in Spring 2020, where we planted over 2000 indigenous plants and selected species to increase diversity and attract pollinating insects.

Designed to be sensitive to the existing landscape and fit with the natural contours of the land, the raingarden harvests water from a stormwater drain under the reserve. The water then filters through the soil before it is stored in an underground tank. Irrigation of playing fields is one of Boroondara’s highest water uses.

This raingarden provides water to irrigate the reserve’s two ovals and is expected to save 7.5 million litres of drinking water per year.

Excess filtered water is released back to the waterways. The raingarden has an added benefit of reducing pollution entering the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay.

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