Cook for a cause

Make a difference to the life of someone in your local community with a meal.

Boroondara Cooks is a meal-sharing and community-strengthening program that supports older residents who live in their own home but aren’t always able to cook for themselves.

The program connects local Boroondara residents who are happy to regularly share an extra portion of their homecooked meal with an older resident who lives close by.

I think it’s satisfying that you’re helping and connecting with the community. All you need to do is share a meal, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

Susan Cook has been an active member of the program for a number of years now and delivers meals to 87-year-old Clare Hanrahan. 

“I had retired and thought I couldn’t sit around doing nothing. My daughter and I attended the Boroondara Volunteer Expo where I was introduced to someone involved in the program and I went from there,” Susan said.

Clare initially read about the program in the Boroondara Bulletin, with a further recommendation from a friend who said it was “absolutely marvellous”.

Since meeting, Susan and Clare have forged a strong friendship, with Susan bringing an extra portion of her home-cooked meals to Clare’s flat every Tuesday evening.

“It’s been lovely meeting Susan and I feel like I know her. She’s a good friend and we always have a nice chat,” Clare said.

“She’s a very good cook and all of her meals are wonderful – she even brings me dessert! I am very lucky to be partnered with her.” 

The program goes beyond sharing a plate of food; it helps reduce social isolation among older residents by creating meaningful connections and provides a point of contact for them.

If you’re interested in joining the Boroondara Cooks program, visit Boroondara Cooks or call 9278 4777.