Refreshing your Boroondara Community Plan

In 2017, we received over 11,845 responses from the community to help shape the Boroondara Community Plan 2017-27.

This plan sets out a ten-year vision for the future, guiding our decision making to ensure we deliver what you told us is most important. It informs our budget, policies, strategies and projects, so that your priorities are central to everything we do.

Much can change in four years. Now, we’re seeking your feedback to refresh the Boroondara Community Plan, to ensure it meets your current needs and aspirations.

Have your say

Throughout December and January, participate in a short online survey to tell us what is most important to you, your family and your community now, and in future.

Have your say at − a new, online engagement platform we’re trialling to make it easier for you to tell us what you think of upcoming Council initiatives, projects and services.

You may be contacted by Wallis Market and Social Research to complete the survey over the phone.

For more information

Email: [email protected]

Call: 9278 4427

Website: Boroondara Community Plan

If you need help to complete the survey in a language other than English, our free interpreting service can help. Call 9278 4002.

Delivering for our community throughout Boroondara

Our newly elected councillors are excited about the refresh of the Boroondara Community Plan (BCP). Here they share what we’ve achieved together over the past four years and their commitment to delivering projects and services that will respond to the priorities that matter most to you.

Cr Jim Parke - Bellevue Ward

Many important projects have been delivered in Bellevue Ward, which respond to what you told us was important, such as:

  • Development of the award-winning Greythorn Community Hub, where you can access library services, maternal and child health services, a neighbourhood house and other community support services, within a modern and convenient location
  • Improvements at Greythorn Central shopping centre to enhance its amenity and safety
  • Creation of Willsmere Station Community Garden to help build community capacity to live sustainably.

Your input is key to ensuring we continue to meet the diverse needs of our community. I look forward to hearing from you as we refresh the Boroondara Community Plan.

Cr Felicity Sinfield - Cotham Ward

We have delivered many of the BCP priorities within Cotham Ward, including:

  • Renewal of community facilities at the much-loved Kew Traffic School
  • Completion of the Kew Heritage Gap Study to protect heritage properties and precincts, and preserve neighbourhood character for future generations
  • Improving amenity and lighting at Stradbroke and Macleay parks
  • Development of plans to upgrade clubhouse facilities at Rathmines Reserve
  • Ongoing support for our local economy, including works in Cotham Village.

I have enjoyed working and engaging with you on these projects, and I look forward to listening to your ideas for the future.

Cr Victor Franco - Gardiner Ward

As a newly elected councillor, I look forward to ensuring Council delivers what’s important to our community, including:

  • Open, transparent government with effective community engagement
  • A climate action plan establishing us as an environmental leader
  • A cycling strategy providing safe on-street bicycle paths and safety improvements to our shared paths, such as Gardiners Creek and Anniversary Trail
  • Expanding and enhancing our parks and open spaces.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it is timely that we consult our community to ensure we provide appropriate support and relief for those in need. The lockdown has seen our community take to our parks, as well as walking and cycling trails, in record numbers. This has created new challenges and opportunities that need our attention.

Cr Wes Gault - Glenferrie Ward

As your new councillor and a passionate Boroondara resident, it is pleasing to see some of the projects that are underway and have the potential to revitalise Glenferrie Ward, including:

  • Completion of the Hawthorn Heritage Gap Study to preserve the city’s history and protect heritage properties and precincts, for which Council is currently awaiting the Minister of Planning’s final approval
  • Agreement by the new Council to establish a Glenferrie Precinct Development Plan Advisory Committee. It will oversee completion and implementation of the Glenferrie Place Plan, the Grace Park Masterplan, including the redevelopment of the Tuck Stand, engagement with Swinburne University, Glenferrie businesses including the Glenferrie Traders’ Association and other stakeholders. The committee will help coordinate these initiatives and guide development of the precinct
  • Agreement for the establishment of a Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee to work with officers on development of Boroondara’s Climate Action Plan.

Though we face ongoing real challenges with COVID-19 and climate change, I am passionate about working on these together and learning about your priorities in Boroondara.

Cr Di Gillies - Junction Ward

I endorse Council’s vision for a vibrant and inclusive city, meeting the needs and aspirations of our community, and look forward to the responsibility of fulfilling this. Some projects that contribute to this include:

  • Construction of the new Camberwell Community Centre to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community, now and in future
  • A variety of measures to encourage the community to spend locally
  • A range of activities to preserve the city’s history and protect heritage properties and precincts, including introducing the heritage overlays in the Boroondara Planning Scheme.

I stand for our community and look forward to hearing your feedback to ensure Council’s vision reflects your aspirations.

Cr Lisa Hollingsworth - Lynden Ward

In the spirit of building a vibrant future for Boroondara, I am committed to continuing to improve, protect and deliver what is important to you as voiced in the Boroondara Community Plan, a roadmap developed to achieve the collective vision of our community, by implementing:

  • Shopping centre improvements with activation of placemaking destinations to increase vibrancy and functionality to enhance our sense of community
  • Anniversary Trail through Riversdale Park providing family friendly, off-road access for pedestrians and cyclists catering to all ages and abilities
  • Heritage Gap Studies to preserve the city’s history and protect heritage properties and precincts by introducing heritage overlays.

I thank you for the opportunity to continue representing your interests, and I look forward to working with you as we build a better Boroondara.

Cr Jane Addis - Maling Ward

I am very pleased to continue working with the Maling Ward community to plan and deliver significant projects in our area including:

  • Renewal of community facilities − Balwyn Community Centre, Canterbury Tennis Club, Canterbury Hockey Club and Balwyn Park − and we are about to start construction of the Canterbury Community Precinct
  • The Maling Road placemaking project, which is based on your feedback about what will make Maling Road more inviting for us to shop and meet with our friends
  • Completion of the Canterbury Heritage Gap Study, which introduced heritage overlays into the Boroondara Planning Scheme to protect our heritage properties and precincts.

It is wonderful to see how these projects have encouraged participation in community life. Your ongoing feedback is important and will help shape our vision to ensure we deliver the things important to you.

Cr Cynthia Watson - Maranoa Ward

Many services and initiatives have been delivered in Maranoa Ward over the past four years, including:

  • Completion of the Gordon Barnard Reserve raingarden and treatment works at the Boroondara Sports Complex to help care for our natural environment
  • Improvement of Whitehorse Road shopping precinct and Yerrin Street in Balwyn to enhance shopping ambience
  • Official acknowledgement of the special history of the Maranoa Gardens by formally naming them the Maranoa Botanic Gardens and publishing a Florilegium in collaboration with the Balwyn Community Centre Botanical Art Group
  • Completion of upgrades to the Balwyn East Kindergarten and Balwyn Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • Completion of heritage assessments and the introduction of Heritage Overlays to protect iconic buildings like the Balwyn Cinema.

I encourage you to have your say on how we can better meet your needs. Let our hopes and dreams ignite our imagination and resilience strengthen our resolve to build a better future.

Cr Susan Biggar - Riversdale Ward

The Boroondara Community Plan provides a great opportunity to improve how we live, work and play locally, and your input is important. Let’s build on some recent achievements:

  • Completion of the Hawthorn Heritage Gap Study and progression of the Hawthorn East Heritage Gap Study. Both studies will introduce heritage overlays in the Boroondara Planning Scheme to protect heritage properties and precincts
  • Lighting upgrades, using sustainable and energy-efficient solutions along the Gardiners Creek Trail between Patterson Reserve and Burke Road
  • Improvements to sporting facilities such as lighting at HA Smith Reserve and Burwood Reserve
  • Ongoing support and promotion of shopping local with our phenomenal Boroondara Farmers Market.

Many of us plan on spending more time in Boroondara, so let’s make it an even better place to live. Get involved and tell us what matters to you.

Cr Garry Thompson - Solway Ward

Reflecting on what we have achieved in Solway Ward, I am filled with optimism for our future. During the past four years, together we have:

  • Completed the redevelopment of Ashburton Seniors Centre
  • Begun consultation and design to renew the Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre
  • Begun the Glen Iris Heritage Gap Study
  • Supported our local traders through grants and promotion, including funding for the Ashburton Festival
  • Advocated for a better outcome for the Markham Estate public housing redevelopment.

One thing is for sure: ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the next chapter.

Cr Nick Stavrou - Studley Ward

As a first term councillor, I’m excited to be part of this consultation and to help shape the Boroondara Community Plan. Some of the key projects that have been delivered in Studley Ward include:

  • Completion of the Kew Heritage Gap Study to preserve the city’s history and protect heritage properties and precincts
  • Beginning the redevelopment of the Kew Recreation Centre, transforming it into a modern facility, suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Advocacy for the safety of users of the Walmer Street Bridge and Yarra Boulevard
  • Beginning the design of a regional playground in Victoria Park.

I look forward to working with you to make Studley Ward and Boroondara the best version of itself for the future of our community.