Make a difference with your skills

On Thursday 5 December 2019 we celebrate International Volunteer Day to recognise our community volunteers.

The Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre, also known as the BVRC, runs the Volunteer Skills Bank, which aligns skilled volunteers to suitable projects and roles within community organisations. It also provides community organisations with a chance to promote skilled volunteer opportunities for free.

A volunteer who recently completed a skilled role is Fahad Bhatti, a practising Occupational Health and Safety specialist. Fahad had previously volunteered in Pakistan educating underprivileged children and was seeking a meaningful way to give back to the community.

“I am really passionate about working for a cause that can make a difference in the community, as well as meeting new and interesting people,” said Fahad.

Karen Hansen, The Epilepsy Foundation’s Volunteer Manager, needed someone with professional skills to evaluate safe workplace practices, ensuring they were in place for staff, volunteers and clients.

The BVRC team were able to connect Fahad and Karen, which provided Karen with invaluable support for the specific project and allowed Fahad to share his expertise and refine his skills in a new workplace environment.

“If you can’t donate money to charity, donate your time,” Fahad said. 

“You can make a difference in the community by doing something you’re passionate about.”

For more information, see Volunteering or call 9278 4550.